What is Potato For Internet?

My ISP is/was CenturyLink… while the stability has been rock solid since 2003 (back in the days of Sprint), the speeds were not. Hence the name of this website… blog… whatever you want to call it. The speed is slow, the peering is terrible, outlook on any speed upgrades? About nil. 25Mbps down and 2Mbps up… oh yeah, we’re cookin’ with DSL now.

What else is on the Potato For Internet Domain?

My weather station: https://weewx.potatoforinter.net/
More details can be found by clicking here.

My seismo station: https://seismo.potatoforinter.net/
More details can be found here.

My local “cloud” server: https://cloudy.potatoforinter.net/
My hell of getting this to work… behind nginx reverse proxy, on top of SSL, on top of nginx again, and configuring a huge/beefy Virtual Machine can be found here. It’s not public, so there isn’t much to see there.