My WeeWx Setup

The configurations that is! Some Notes Before Going to Town With Copy Pastes… Please note that my setup for WeeWx, BelcherTown Weather Theme / Template, the web servers, and database are not a normal method of serving and storing data. Many configuration options listed below will need to be modified to suit your own installation. This particular configuration below uses three machines, two being a virtual machine, and one being dedicated. The dedicated machine is for the SQL databases. The two virtual machines are for 1) the nginx reverse proxy / load balancer and 2) the weewx VM instance with […]

WeeWx and MySQL

Back in 2016, WeeWx murdered one of my many Raspberry Pi 3’s… all because it kept throwing loop and archive data bits into the database…. on the pi. Oops. Here in 2019, as of this writing, the mySQL database has 1,130,399 rows logged, with various bits of data logged, totalling about 408MB. I was a numpty however, and was not logging the real time data properly since 2016… doh! That was fixed early-on in 2019. Realtime data table and associated rows is already huge – 7,130,258 rows huge, or about 1.4GB!! Lesson learned however, SD Cards do not make for […]

What makes WeeWx tick?

First off, WeeWx runs on a virtual machine with dedicated hardware, not a Raspberry Pi 3. The weewx installation was simply too taxing on the Raspberry Pi 3, to the point of it overheating… even with heatsinks on the chips that are known to get warm or hot! The WeeWx Virtual Machine has the following specifications: 1. 4 vCPU’s from an Intel i7-6800k.2. 1GB of vRAM (out of the 128GB the host has).3. 20GB of Disk Space in SATA mode. 3a: NOTE: This ‘disk’ is stored on a NVMe drive – it’s ungodly fast.4. Network Adapter: Bridged. So that it […]

My Weather Station: A Synopsis

Here is a quick write up about my weather station. There is another article covering much more technicalities of WeeWx, BelcherTown Theme and it’s real time stuff. You can view the weather station here: The physical weather station is a Davis Vantage Pro2+ Wireless. Bought it on Amazon for just under 1000 USD, 990 to be exact… but still, a deal is a deal when it comes to the actual list price of it just being under 1400 USD!! This weather station is effectively “the works” from Davis Instruments before jumping the price tier into the tried-and-true professional hardware […]