Volunteer/Paid Moderators For Forums/Discussion Boards – What’s better?

Let’s take a look at something that all community managers have to do at least once in their career… finding suitable, stable, and above all else, supportive users for your game company and/or game title(s) – on a volunteer basis to be a moderator of your community. Most of the time, finding the right folks for the task is rather tedious, as their posting habits and history may preempt them from even being considered in the first place. This is even more apparent when you have a mature community.

Updated Guide: Weewx, Nginx, Belchertown, MQTT/WS

This is an updated and streamlined guide for the installation of Weewx 4.x, with the Belchertown 1.1 GUI, Nginx, the MQTT/WebSockets extension, mosquitto, and Let’s Encrypt, because well – WebSockets require SSL… on a new Debian 10 installation. The old guide can be found here – which is a mess and shouldn’t be used. Things to keep in mind… Fresh Debian 10 server installation – only thing installed apart from the default packages: SSH Server. Using Nginx, MySQL (MariaDB) for the general heave-ho’ing of data. No need for PHP or FPM here! Note: MySQL in my instance is on a […]