Chrome and Hover Cards on Tabs

For a great deal of time, Chrome hasn’t had much support into Windows Aero-like window peeking without having to actually click on a tab to view what’s within. In recent versions of Chrome, this appears to have changed, but the change doesn’t appear to be made standard yet. Here’s how to enable Tab Hover Cards in Chrome. In the URL bar, go to chrome://flags In the search bar, type in #tab You should see two or three items, the two we want are #tab-hover-cards and #tab-hover-card-images With the Tab Hover Cards setting, you will have five options. Default Enabled Enabled […]

Rift MMO: Base Stat Values

As of September 2019, the following are the base stats for Rift MMO. From there on, values are modified by “modifiers” and Attack Power or Spell Power, Crit Chance and Crit Power. There are some abilities in the soul tree, which are known as Spell/Attack Power Coefficients – these aren’t covered in this article. It’s worth noting that in the Rift 4.x series, also known as the Prophecy of Ahnket, armor based gear stats have been reduced to the following stats granted: Armor, Core Stat, Secondary Stat, Endurance. Things like AP, SP, CP, Crit are all granted via other items […]

UniFi Guest Network with pfSense

A starter’s guide to getting UniFi’s guest network functional with a pfSense installation. pfSense in its own regard is an amazing piece of software that works just about on any combination of hardware… only just that its WiFi support (as of June 2019) is rather limited. Which is where Ubiquiti’s UniFi software and line of hardware come into the mix. This article assumes that you… Have full admin rights to both pfSense and UniFi GUI panels. Amazingly, no need for a terminal window! Know your way around both pfSense and UniFi’s control panels. Dedicated running UniFi machine/instance for the UniFi […]