What I’ve been up to…

Normally, I like to post a month to month or bi-weekly content to my blog. Unfortunately, that’s not been happening. With being laid off in late 2019, then COVID-19 making matters worse in terms of job prospects (I think I’m well past 75, if not 100 resume submissions!), I’ve been scrambling to find a suitable job. I’ve had a few companies recently open up to interviews, but will see how they end up – I’m optimistic, but yet pessimistic to anything at this point. 🙁 During my downtime, I’ve taken up ownership of a Rift MMO site known as Prancing […]

Dumping all frames from a video file with VideoLAN

There are so many guides on the internet, and unfortunately, not a single one of them satiated my desire for what I wanted to do! So below is a nice one-liner to, you guessed it, dump just about every frame from a video, with VideoLAN via the PowerShell/command prompt. The TLDR: Go to where you have VideoLAN installed, for me it is C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC Ensure you have a dump/output folder created – probably best to have it in the same location that the video file is sourced at. For me, it is aptly named output in the Documents folder. Modify […]

Chrome and Hover Cards on Tabs

For a great deal of time, Chrome hasn’t had much support into Windows Aero-like window peeking without having to actually click on a tab to view what’s within. In recent versions of Chrome, this appears to have changed, but the change doesn’t appear to be made standard yet. Here’s how to enable Tab Hover Cards in Chrome. In the URL bar, go to chrome://flags In the search bar, type in #tab You should see two or three items, the two we want are #tab-hover-cards and #tab-hover-card-images With the Tab Hover Cards setting, you will have five options. Default Enabled Enabled […]

Blue Iris & nginx reverse proxy

Blue Iris… for the uninitialized is a CCTV viewing, recording, nearly-do-everything-CCTV application for analog, IP/digital, and usb based cameras. It sports a trendy web UI for viewing of the cameras added to the Blue Iris application. In this blog, will lay out the process to ensure nginx and BI plays (mostly) nice with Blue Iris web server. This article assumes the following… You have a wildcard based SSL certificate created and in-use/active for the reverse proxy access domain name. You are configuring this as a sub-domain (e.g.; SomeSubDomain.potatoforinter.net) and not as a file path (e.g.; potatoforinter.net/blueiris/) to a domain. You’re […]