Choosing the right forum software? Is a forum needed?

Every community has a core somewhere, and it all depends where it would be most ideal. Many will choose a forum or discussion board, others will Use social media mediums, and some may use Discord or some other sort of real-time services as its core community hub. All comes down to the following… Will your game need a repository of historical information that can be easily indexed by search engines? Will your game need a central place for the viewing of news, patch notes/changelogs, and other important details? Does the community lack a common-place that serves as a central hub? […]

Involving the community in newsletters / Email Blasts

Community involvement is key in growth for new prospective customers and no less, customer retention. Especially more so with keeping the wider community in the loop with smaller-scale community events. As always, not everyone will subscribe to an email/newsletter, but it will provide an incentive for users to subscribe! Fast forward many months, or years down the road, not only do you have a subscriber base that can be quite large, you will likely retain a rather high percentage of users, new and old, that will still read the newsletter. Such will be extremely beneficial on upselling current customers’ new […]