What I’ve been up to…

Normally, I like to post a month to month or bi-weekly content to my blog. Unfortunately, that’s not been happening. With being laid off in late 2019, then COVID-19 making matters worse in terms of job prospects (I think I’m well past 75, if not 100 resume submissions!), I’ve been scrambling to find a suitable job. I’ve had a few companies recently open up to interviews, but will see how they end up – I’m optimistic, but yet pessimistic to anything at this point. 🙁

During my downtime, I’ve taken up ownership of a Rift MMO site known as Prancing Turtle. It’s essentially an ePeen site to show off boss kill times, how fast (or slow) your group is against the rest of the world that are also submitting parses to the site. It’s been a fun side project, written in C# – most of the language feels quite similar to what I’ve dealt with in years past. This project was passed onwards to me from a user known as Hewi@Laethys.

I’ve also begun working on a small project for Rift MMO, one that will fill the void if anyone feels the need to hunt for Epic Artifact Squirrels in the game. Granted, this is what I’ve been spending some time on, it’s something – I probably won’t finish it any time soon, if ever… but should fill the void for those that need a leg up on the critters. You can view that on my old domain I’ve had for many years: https://maps.valhallarift.com/

And finally, the portion that’s taken the bulk of my time… and a pastime that I use to do, but previously not in a creative sense: making music. In my mid to late teens, I use to Mobile DJ. Fast forward nearly 15 years later… I’ve picked up Ableton, bought myself a midi keyboard, learned quite a bit of the basic elements along the way, and still continue to learn music theory ( I think 🙂 ). So far, I’ve made quite a few tracks that sound good, but lack that finishing polish.

In due time, I want to post what I’ve made to the Internet – but without getting slapped silly by legal woes from music hosting/service sites. We’ll see how it goes, maybe a record label picks the tracks up and that’s my door opening – I dunno. We’ll see. 🙂