Chrome and Hover Cards on Tabs

For a great deal of time, Chrome hasn’t had much support into Windows Aero-like window peeking without having to actually click on a tab to view what’s within. In recent versions of Chrome, this appears to have changed, but the change doesn’t appear to be made standard yet.

Here’s how to enable Tab Hover Cards in Chrome.

  1. In the URL bar, go to chrome://flags
  2. In the search bar, type in #tab
  3. You should see two or three items, the two we want are #tab-hover-cards and #tab-hover-card-images
  4. With the Tab Hover Cards setting, you will have five options.
    1. Default
    2. Enabled
    3. Enabled B
    4. Enabled C
    5. Disabled (this is Default)
  5. For me, I use #4 from the list above, “Enabled C“.
  6. Jump down to #tab-hover-card-images and set it to Enabled.
  7. Relaunch Chrome.

You should now have “tab-cards” popping up in place of the old tool-tip text boxes. And it does look mighty fine!

News.Google.Com hover card

As with any experimental Google feature, it may disappear someday or be inherited into the core of Chrome in a normal settings panel option.