Rift MMO: Base Stat Values

As of September 2019, the following are the base stats for Rift MMO. From there on, values are modified by “modifiers” and Attack Power or Spell Power, Crit Chance and Crit Power. There are some abilities in the soul tree, which are known as Spell/Attack Power Coefficients – these aren’t covered in this article.

It’s worth noting that in the Rift 4.x series, also known as the Prophecy of Ahnket, armor based gear stats have been reduced to the following stats granted: Armor, Core Stat, Secondary Stat, Endurance. Things like AP, SP, CP, Crit are all granted via other items now, such as fragments, weapons, accessories, and planar focus.

Base / Sec StatsClericMageWarriorRoguePrimalist
  • A core-stat value of one (1) is 0.75 SP or AP – calling dependant.
  • A secondary-stat value of one (1) is 0.25 SP or AP – calling dependant.

So, How is critical hit chance calculated in at base? Easier than the chart above.

Crit ChanceClericMageWarriorRoguePrimalist
  • Critical hit chance is always 50% of your core stat and secondary stat. This changed to the system above during the Storm Legion expansion pack.
  • Critical hit chance should never be slotted into your character at end game tiers – it comes passively.
  • Critical Hit Chance is NOT Crit Power.

And how does Crit Power come into this mess of base stats? Even more easily!

At level 70, aka the Rift 4.0 series, Crit Power is linear from 0 to 9074. Once 9074 is hit, you will hit a strict Diminishing Returns Value.

40% is the absolute cap, and to get to 40.01, you would have to double your crit power – which is beyond min-maxing logic to attempt. You should reach for 8700 to 8750 crit power pre-feast buff. When you tag in the feast, it’s another 300 crit power. For me currently, that sets me to 9011 crit power, which is close enough to the cap (39.7% of 40% cap) at this point.

Crit power should always be the priority over crit chance, but not before attack or spell power.